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It allows adjustments for the display settings and configuration of the monitor
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Magic Tune is a piece of software that allows adjustments for the display settings and configuration of the monitor in a more advanced and precise way than using the monitor's built-in menu.
It has a simple and friendly graphical interface that guides you step by step to make many adjustments to your screen. Among them we can mention image settings (brightness, contrast, and resolution), color (hue, gamma, calibration) and geometry (strain, position, sharpness). It also has some new features that allow a more advanced setting:
- MagicBright: increases the brightness and the intensity of the monitors; it has 6 defaults profiles that give the most appropriate brightness for text, Internet, games, sports, movies or customized.
- MagicColor: to improve the quality, sharpness and color saturation of digital images.
- MagicZone: allows you to establish a set of hue, saturation, brightness and sharpness that you will be able to apply to areas of your screen when required, just click on the MagicZone icon that appears on the taskbar.
- Options: from here you can select the interface language among the following: English, French, German, Italian, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese and Turkish.

Version 1.1 is compatible with Windows 2000/2003/XP and works in both CDT and LCD monitors, but as this is an update of the Magic Tune versions 3.6 and 4.0, you must first install the basic versions just mentioned, and then the Magic Tune 1.0 Premium.

Lionel Mira
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  • It includes advanced configuration tools, such as MagicBright, MagicColor, and MagicZone
  • The interface is available in 11 languages
  • It includes local help information in the language selected
  • It's a freeware


  • It's and update, so you need the previous editions
  • The update doesn't create shortcuts so it can be confusing
  • The color calibration process is far from being intuitive
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